Journal Article Submission

All the research articles for publication in Journals can be submitted here

Academic consulting services

We are trained academics who are intent on finding original ways of providing academic expertise in the humanities to a range of clients in the public and private sectors.

Publishing books and theses

We publish academic books and theses with ISBN. All submitted books and thesis will be internally reviewed and the author should expect a number of modifications per the editors instructions.

Plan a conference

To organize a world class Scientific events and international conference in your institutions with the support of AAAS


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Conference Proceedings Publication

AAAS publishes Open Access Proceedings as an edited volume with ISBN through the “AAAS Proceedings” series which will be freely available for the readers. Our online proceedings publication will be helpful in turning your conference publications into worldwide accessible knowledge.


AAAS proposed to issue the awards in different categories. The jury members with reputed background are appointed in each category.

Editing, Proofreading, and plagiarism removing

Plagiarism and editing Experts offer plagiarism Removal services for a wide range of people including students, scholars, corporate and academicians and others.