Rakesh Margam
Independent researcher, Healthcare IT and Digital Health, Chicago, USA

Personal Data:

1. Name: Rakesh Margam

2. DOB : 06/05/1987

3. So Status : Single

4. Place of Living : Chicago, USA

Education: Bachelor of Pharmacy: Master in Computer Science 


I have over 10 years of experience as a results-driven healthcare IT technology leader, Rakesh has successfully developed and implemented strategies for integrating digital technologies into healthcare delivery systems. Specializing in Electronic Health Records (Epic Ambulatory and Epic MyChart), Patient Remote Monitoring, Telehealth, and Digital Health, Rakesh has played a crucial role in improving data management, clinical workflow efficiency, and patient outcomes. He is also an entrepreneur, author, and blogger, actively sharing insights on entrepreneurship, technology, productivity, startups, and personal finance while engaging in knowledge sharing and mentorship. Rakesh holds certifications in PMP, AWS, HL7, Epic MyChart, and Epic Ambulatory, along with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy.

More details:

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