Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yusef Yakhlef Masoud
AAAS International Outstanding Scientist Award


  1. Name: Dr. Yusef Y Masoud
  2. DOB : 1974
  3. So. Status : Married 
  4. Place of Living : Libya

Job degree:

University member staff.

Associate professor.

PHD, MSc, & BA in Economics Science


PHD degree in Economics Science, 2012, The contribution of economics to understanding environmental cost: A case study of the Libyan cement industries, 1988-2008) Huddersfield University-United kingdom (UK).

MSc Honours Degree & Excellent Grade, 2000, “The Development of bank deposits and their roll to grow up in Libyan economy- an empirical study during 1970- 1998”, Academy of  Graduate Studies. Tripoli, Libya.

 Ba degree, faculty Accounting, (1998), Al-Gabil Al-Garbee “Western Mountain” University, Greian, Libya

Scientific papers & articles

He published more than hundred articles and Participated in 50 local and international conferences