Using of Fuzzy PID Controller to Improve Vehicle Stability for Planar and Full Vehicle Models

Title: Modeling and Control of a Single link Robot Arm Using PID Controller and Neural Network-based Controller

Author: Abdussalam Ali Ahmed

University / Institute: Okan university

Categories: Mechanical engineering

Published: March 22, 2022

Abstract: Stability control system plays a significant role in vehicle dynamics to improve the vehicle handling and achieve better stability performance. In this thesis, vehicle stability control system is constructed and studied by using two vehicle models which are a planar vehicle model and full vehicle model, design of a complete vehicle dynamic control system is required to achieve high performance of vehicle stability and handling, this control system structure in this thesis includes three parts which are a reference model (2 DOF vehicle model) used for controller design and yaw stability control analysis, actual vehicle model, and the controller. In this thesis, a fuzzy PID controller (FPIDC) was used and designed to improve the stability of the vehicle. The simulation results of this work show that, the structures of control systems for vehicle models used in this thesis were successful to achieve better vehicle handling and stability. To make sure this controller works well it has been tested at two cases of input steering angle which are a step signal and a lane change maneuver.

Keywords: Vehicle model, Simulation, vehicle stability, Fuzzy PID controller (FPIDC), sideslip angle, yaw rate.

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