Testing of Optical Fiber Cable

Title: Testing of Optical Fiber Cable


University / Institute: University of Turkish Aeronautical Association

Categories:  Electrical & electronic engineering

Published: April 10, 2022

Abstract: The main idea of this work is to give an overview about testing of fiber-optic cable. The most important device for testing fiber optic cable is Optical Time Domain Reflect meter (OTDR) Testing. The most important devices for optical fiber transmission systems are presented, and their properties discussed. In particular we consider such systems working with those basic components which are necessary to explain the principle of its operations. In the focus of the considerations we will find the optical fiber as the dominant element in optical communication systems. Different fiber types are presented, and their properties explained with different kinds of processing and an experiment The systems operate as transmission links with bit rates up to 40 Gbit/s and more. Furthermore optical communication systems are also used for recent application areas in the MBit/s region, e.g. in aviation, automobile and maritime industry.

Keywords: Testing of optical fiber cable.

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